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For over 30 years patent attorney Doug Weller has obtained quality patents and provided exceptional value to clients in San Jose, the greater San Francisco Bay area and beyond.

Breadth of Experience

Doug has obtained hundreds of patents for some of the best known high technology companies in the world. He has experience preparing patents in an extremely broad range of technology especially related to all aspects of electronics, computing and telecommunications.

Personal Attention

Doug personally handles all aspects of the patenting process for his clients.  Clients  receive the full benefit of working with an experienced patent attorney, not an inexperienced associate.

Exceptional Value

Doug works hard to provide exceptional value to his clients. This includes quality service and competitive price. Typically, before beginning work a firm quote is provided, making charges completely predictable and eliminating unpleasant billing surprises.

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For information on the patent process you can read further on this website or contact patent attorney Doug Weller.

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