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Practice Areas

Patent Procurement

For more than 30 years Doug Weller has focused his practice on obtaining patents in a wealth of technology fields particularly specializing in any product pertaining to the computer industry.

For example, he has obtained patents pertaining to semiconductor design and processing, computer architecture, hardware design, operating systems, applications software, graphic user interfaces, internet based software, all aspects of hardware and software pertaining to networks, networking protocols, network analysis and testing, storage devices, laser printers, inkjet printers, heat based printers, scanners, displays, touchscreens, keyboards, mice, other input devices, various other computer peripheral devices, test and measurement equipment, image processing and so on. In addition he has experience in procuring patents in other areas such as medical equipment, telecommunications devices, electronic and optical switching devices, laser-based equipment, acoustic devices, superconductors, batteries, power supplies, etc.

A sampling of the patents Doug has obtained for his clients is listed here.

Other Intellectual Property Areas

As needed, Doug supports his clients in other IP areas such as providing support in Trademarks and copyrights. He has experience in licensing agreements, lititgation support, responding to allegations of infringement and providing opinion letters.