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  • May 4, 2015
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Patents obtained* by Doug Weller

(List last updated in 2009.  For patents after 2009, search issued patents on USPTO website for “Weller; Douglas L.”, or select here)

To locate a patent using the official USPTO website, enter the patent number into the search box located here. Patents can also be viewed and downloaded by placing the patent number in the search box below:

Patent Number Title
7,465,903 Use of mesa structures for supporting heaters on an integrated circuit
7,398,428 Diagnostic tool with ethernet capability
7,382,501 Remote access of fax numbers for fax transmission
7,373,035 Heat transfer structures
7,336,400 Transforming an input image to produce an output image
7,312,898 Transformation of an input image to produce an output image
7,301,674 Translation of an input pixel value to an output pixel value
7,296,085 Multiple protocol handshaking between systems
7,287,229 Template-driven process system
7,277,403 Duplexer with a differential receiver port implemented using acoustic resonator elements
7,274,840 Clean and test for fluid within a reflection optical switch system
7,268,901 Intelligent printing by a kiosk
7,203,922 Merging of infrastructure within a development environment
7,191,080 Separation of a random component of jitter and a deterministic component of jitter
7,181,660 Reconstruction of non-deterministic algorithmic tester stimulus used as input to a device under test
7,180,950 Low-noise feedback cancellation filter for enhanced common-mode rejection and noise immunity
7,172,269 Resistor shapes for heating devices on an integrated circuit
7,161,358 Impedance analyzer
7,159,052 Configurable architecture for virtual socket client to an on-chip bus interface block
7,154,944 Mask compliance testing using bit error ratio measurements
7,149,638 Separation of random and deterministic components of jitter
7,135,859 Rotary and angular position sensing
7,112,892 Power source for sensors
7,108,413 Sampling for color control feedback using an optical cable
7,107,165 Markers used in the calculation and display of band functions
7,081,780 Reset circuitry for an integrated circuit
7,075,655 Alignment self check for a wavelength meter
7,066,564 Selection of printing conditions to reduce ink aerosol
7,061,222 Automated testing of frequency converter device
7,042,579 Laser monitoring using both the reflected and transmitted interference patterns of an etalon
7,039,273 Solder seals within a switching system
7,031,783 Virtualized generic equipment model data and control router for factory automation
7,031,564 Heat transfer structures
7,024,062 Optical switch with low pressure bubble
7,019,746 Graphical presentation of spectral information for aid in compliance measurements
7,016,056 Authoring tool for bayesian network diagnostic systems
7,013,430 Rapid graphical analysis of waveforms using a pointing device
7,013,229 Obtaining calibration parameters for a three-port device under test
6,983,475 Method and data storage device that utilizes blocking material
6,978,776 Multiple column helical feeder
6,971,094 Deployed agent used in the installation and maintenance of software
6,968,278 Reducing the occurrence of spurs when analyzing signals
6,965,241 Automated electronic calibration apparatus
6,957,202 Model selection for decision support systems
6,950,666 Wireless mobile device network
6,937,237 Sorting data based on data attributes for display in multiple display windows
6,928,620 Direct printing of contents of a universal resource locator
6,904,540 Targeted data protection
6,904,389 Remote computer testing
6,904,381 Testing of a frequency converter device
6,886,903 Determination of turn-on energy for a printhead
6,879,973 Automated diagnosis of printer systems using bayesian networks
6,859,750 Ramp sweep synthesis control
6,856,924 Mixer-based timebase for sampling multiple input signal references asynchronous to each other
6,839,836 Portable computing device with specialized operating system
6,833,695 Simultaneous display of data gathered using multiple data gathering mechanisms
6,820,086 Forming linked lists using content addressable memory
6,820,072 Validation of probabilistic troubleshooters and diagnostic system
6,804,247 System providing for multiple virtual circuits between two network entities
6,791,416 Variable gain amplifier with adjustable gain slope
6,779,029 Internet enabled computer system management
6,756,775 Quasi-periodic optical sampling
6,751,413 Channel mask definition for monitoring wavelength division multiplexing transmission systems
6,739,684 Burst mode printing to compensate for colorant migration
6,735,584 Accessing a database using user-defined attributes
6,728,655 Customizable and extendable data processing architecture for a data acquisition instrument
6,726,763 Increased wavelength coverage in nonlinear optics by nonuniformly chirped quasi-phase-matching
6,691,050 Data acquisition instrument architecture with flexible data acquisition, processing and display
6,687,628 Enhanced signal analysis in an amplitude versus frequency format
6,680,647 Low noise amplifier circuit with phase matched switch topology
6,666,725 Broadband coaxial microwave connector
6,665,650 Intelligent logic activity resolution
6,662,106 Navigation system that takes into account dynamic road conditions
6,659,662 Internet distribution of print job to multiple print shops based on geographic location of document recipients
6,658,167 On the fly server for modifying data characteristics for client-server network applications
6,654,124 Signal modulation compensation for wavelength meter
6,629,176 Arbiter architecture allowing rapid implementation of arbitration policies
6,628,255 Viewing angle adjustment for a liquid crystal display (LCD)
6,606,002 Common device node balun grounded balanced amplifier
6,600,390 Differential filters with common mode rejection and broadband rejection
6,580,422 Remote computer display using graphics primitives sent over a wireless link
6,574,002 Selection of printing features at print time
6,564,160 Random sampling with phase measurement
6,550,664 Mounting film bulk acoustic resonators in microwave packages using flip chip bonding technology
6,505,151 Method for dividing sentences into phrases using entropy calculations of word combinations based on adjacent words
6,470,299 Probabilistic privacy protection
6,456,622 Method for knowledge acquisition for diagnostic bayesian networks
6,438,336 Method and apparatus for varying gloss level for individual elements printed on a single page
6,434,629 Computing system which implements recording and playback of semantic command
6,421,737 Modularly implemented event monitoring service
6,417,674 Two port self-calibration for an N-port network analyzer
6,400,462 Service tool for servicing printers
6,370,592 Network interface device which allows peripherals to utilize network transport services
6,366,567 Automatic detection of full or half duplex capability in a remote network device
6,349,159 Lenses that launch high bandwidth modes into a fiber optic cable while eliminating feedback to a laser
6,330,691 Use of dynamic translation to provide breakpoints in non-writeable object code
6,320,459 Notch filter implemented using analog sampling
6,308,206 Internet enabled computer system management
6,308,065 Apparatus for testing cellular base stations
6,298,456 Runtime detection of network loops
6,294,935 Built-in-self-test circuitry for testing a phase locked loop circuit
6,289,454 Memory configuration which support multiple cryptographical algorithms
6,286,095 Computer apparatus having special instructions to force ordered load and store operations
6,281,872 Rotation of an image implementing an independent mirror attribute
6,275,501 Media access controller capable of connecting to a serial physical layer device and a media independent interface (MII) physical layer device
6,269,104 Link control state machine for controlling a media access controller, a serial physical layer device and a media independent interface physical layer device
6,266,399 Outgoing message selection based on caller identification and time/date constraints
6,260,132 Method and apparatus for secure address re-mapping
6,260,048 Resolution of incidents which occur during the use of a product
6,256,756 Embedded memory bank system
6,256,307 Local area network receive filter
6,224,460 Laser interferometry endpoint detection with windowless polishing pad for chemical mechanical polishing process
6,223,337 Random test generation for compiler optimization
6,222,854 Link monitor state machine
6,222,842 System providing for multiple virtual circuits between two network entities
6,211,729 Amplifier circuit with a switch bypass
6,211,087 Chemical wet etch removal of underlayer material after performing chemical mechanical polishing on a primary layer
6,211,045 Incorporation of nitrogen-based gas in polysilicon gate re-oxidation to improve hot carrier performance
6,208,703 First-in-first-out synchronizer
6,208,436 Use of a header page to provide scan control information for a scan
6,208,172 System margin and core temperature monitoring of an integrated circuit
6,202,120 System and method for accessing data between a host bus and a system memory bus where the system memory bus has a data path that is twice the width of the data path for the host bus
6,198,294 In-situ backgrind wafer thickness monitor
6,188,257 Power-on-reset logic with secure power down capability
6,192,423 Sharing a single serial port between system remote access software and a remote management microcontroller
6,175,926 Password protection for computer docking station
6,173,320 Visual feedback for installation of equipment
6,166,567 Analog sampling processor
6,166,719 Consistently ordered adjustment of a digitally represented image
6,154,230 Fractional dot column correction for better pen-to-pen alignment during printing
6,151,635 Router connections through switching networks using virtual circuits
6,151,326 Method and apparatus for automatic device segmentation and port-to-segment distribution
6,150,992 Traceable self-contained programmable frequency source for performing alternate test site and open area test site comparisons
6,150,234 Trench-diffusion corner rounding in a shallow-trench (STI) process
6,148,365 Dual pointer circular queue
6,147,501 Automatic calibration of a network analyzer
6,134,629 Determining thresholds and wrap-around conditions in a first-in-first-out memory supporting a variety of read and write transaction sizes
6,130,166 Alternative plasma chemistry for enhanced photoresist removal
6,128,729 Method and system for automatic configuration of network links to attached devices
6,128,024 Polar controller for defining and generating spiral-like shapes
6,115,545 Automatic internet protocol (IP) address allocation and assignment
6,108,310 Display of network traffic attributes based on frequency distribution
6,101,605 Method and apparatus for performing a secure operation
6,092,127 Dynamic allocation and reallocation of buffers in links of chained DMA operations by receiving notification of buffer full and maintaining a queue of buffers available
6,091,821 Pipelined hardware implementation of a hashing algorithm
6,080,677 Method for preventing micromasking in shallow trench isolation process etching
6,080,608 Polysilicon pillar heat sinks for semiconductor on insulator circuits
6,077,151 Temperature control carrier head for chemical mechanical polishing process
6,077,125 Versatile input/output control and power distribution block for use with automated tooling
6,074,428 Minimizing logic by resolving “don’t care” output values in a finite state machine
6,073,223 Memory controller and method for intermittently activating and idling a clock signal for a synchronous memory
6,072,360 Analog sampling filters
6,067,027 Low power plug-in card removal detection
6,060,376 Integrated etch process for polysilicon/metal gate
6,041,065 Flexible multi-frequency repeater
6,040,681 Enhanced docking tray supports for custom featuring for external battery charging for notebook computers
6,040,530 Versatile printed circuit board for testing processing reliability
6,037,782 Automatic adjustment of cables which aids in set-up of equipment under test for electromagnetic compatibility measurements
6,037,182 Method for detecting a location of contaminant entry in a processing fluid production and distribution system
6,033,246 Test fixture compliant connector mounting bracketry
6,032,210 Method for maintaining bus ownership while bus mastering
6,026,354 Device monitoring system with dedicated bus and processor
6,015,732 Dual gate oxide process with increased reliability
6,009,214 Multi-resolution color contact-type image sensing apparatus
6,003,117 Secure memory management unit which utilizes a system processor to perform page swapping
6,002,264 Interconnect adapter to printed circuit assembly for testing in an operational environment
6,001,182 Waferless boat used as baffle during wafer processing
5,999,741 Remote installation of software on a computing device
5,995,967 Forming linked lists using content addressable memory
5,995,661 Image boundary detection for a scanned image
5,995,113 Coloring events in event streams in order to provide information about operation of a software library
5,987,241 Routing techniques to assure electrical integrity in datapath blocks
5,983,316 Computing system having a system node that utilizes both a logical volume manager and a resource monitor for managing a storage pool
5,978,369 Efficient generation within a remote base station of a synchronization signal for a cordless communication system
5,976,943 Method for bi-layer programmable resistor
5,974,534 Predecoding and steering mechanism for instructions in a superscalar processor
5,973,688 Computing system having delayed keyboard shortcut hints
5,963,216 Providing print preview of a print job using printing calls from a print driver
5,963,216 Providing print preview of a print job using printing calls from a print driver
5,960,450 System and method for accessing data between a host bus and system memory buses in which each system memory bus has a data path which is twice the width of the data path for the host bus
5,960,414 Method for monitoring excess inventory
5,951,695 Fast database failover
5,944,806 Microprocessor with versatile addressing
5,936,976 Selecting a test data input bus to supply test data to logical blocks within an integrated circuit
5,930,469 Printing driver and printer which utilize adaptive object banding
5,923,344 Fractional dot column correction for scan axis alignment during printing
5,916,843 Picture with integrated picture frame
5,906,497 Processor retention frame and extraction device
5,903,468 Determining maximum load index for tabular timing models
5,899,996 Method for copying linked data objects with selective copying of children objects
5,898,711 Single event upset detection and protection in an integrated circuit
5,897,399 Versatile input/output control and power distribution block for use with automated tooling
5,896,550 Direct memory access controller with full read/write capability
5,896,514 Logic implementation of control signals for on-silicon multi-master data transfer bus
5,894,142 Routing for integrated circuits
5,892,451 Remote management of computing devices
5,865,652 Keyed interconnection for distinguishing input connections and output connections
5,864,708 Docking station for docking a portable computer with a wireless interface
5,861,787 Reverse power protection circuit and relay
5,854,928 Use of run-time code generation to create speculation recovery code in a computer system
5,842,012 Efficient soft reset in a personal computer
5,841,823 Method and apparatus for extracting a clock signal from a received signal
5,835,891 Device modeling using non-parametric statistical determination of boundary data vectors
5,835,791 Versatile connection of a first keyboard/mouse interface and a second keyboard/mouse interface to a host computer
5,832,266 Encapsulation of applications for inclusion within an object management facility environment
5,815,720 Use of dynamic translation to collect and exploit run-time information in an optimizing compilation system
5,809,251 Remote installation of software by a management information system into a remote computer
5,795,492 Etching metals using chlorine gas and hydrochloric gas in de-ionized water
5,794,249 Audio/video retrieval system that uses keyword indexing of digital recordings to display a list of the recorded text files, keywords and time stamps associated with the system
5,793,107 Polysilicon pillar heat sinks for semiconductor on insulator circuits
5,790,977 Data acquisition from a remote instrument via the internet
5,790,120 Individually configurable panel user interface with selective launching, sticky windows, hot keys, start up options and configurable background
5,784,708 Translation mechanism for input/output addresses
5,777,347 Vertical CMOS digital multi-valued restoring logic device
5,774,647 Management of memory modules
5,768,547 Multiple segmenting of main memory to streamline data paths in a computing system
5,768,250 Error recovery in a network having cascaded hubs
5,768,164 Spontaneous use display for a computing system
5,768,163 Versatile attachment of handheld devices to a host computing system
5,764,962 Emulation of asynchronous signals using a branch mechanism
5,764,933 Deadlock prevention in a two bridge system by flushing write buffers in the first bridge
5,763,955 Patterned filled layers for integrated circuit manufacturing
5,760,445 Device and method of manufacture for protection against plasma charging damage in advanced MOS technologies
5,758,173 Detection of hand location as an input for power controls in a computing system
5,754,614 Gray code counter
5,754,174 User interface with individually configurable panel interfaces for use in a computer system
5,754,070 Metastableproof flip-flop
5,751,941 Object oriented framework for testing software
5,748,019 Output buffer driver with load compensation
5,745,659 Versatile scaling of drawings
5,744,992 Digital phase shifter
5,738,216 Adjustable and reusable protective packaging system
5,734,599 Performing a population count using multiplication
5,732,406 Microprocessor burst mode with external system memory
5,732,210 Use of dynamic translation to provide fast debug event checks
5,721,697 Performing tree additions via multiplication
5,719,882 Reliable datagram packet delivery for simple network management protocol (SNMP)
5,715,077 Multi-mode infrared input/output interface
5,714,785 Asymmetric drain/source layout for robust electrostatic discharge protection
5,713,010 Source line tracking in optimized code
5,712,200 N-well resistor as a ballast resistor for output MOSFET
5,709,359 Equipment mounting brackets
5,701,305 Error recovery in a network having cascaded hubs
5,699,515 Backoff scheme for access collision on a local area network
5,675,785 Data warehouse which is accessed by a user using a schema of virtual tables
5,673,384 Dual disk lock arbitration between equal sized partition of a cluster
5,673,321 Efficient selection and mixing of multiple sub-word items packed into two or more computer words
5,664,815 Earthquake safety device for dual cabinet doors
5,664,213 Input/output (I/O) holdoff mechanism for use in a system where I/O device inputs are fed through a latency introducing bus
5,664,152 Multiple segmenting of main memory to streamline data paths in a computing system
5,659,693 User interface with individually configurable panel interface for use in a computer system
5,642,136 Method and apparatus for screen refresh bandwidth reduction for video display modes
5,641,068 Adjustable and reusable protective packaging system
5,640,404 Limited probes device testing for high pin count digital devices
5,640,114 Versatile select and hold scan flip-flop
5,637,902 N-well resistor as a ballast resistor for output MOSFET
5,636,351 Performance of an operation on whole word operands and on operations in parallel on sub-word operands in a single processor
5,634,069 Encoding assertion and de-assertion of interrupt requests and DMA requests in a serial bus I/O system
5,625,809 Method for constructing a data structure which allows data to be shared between programs
5,623,616 Floating point operation throughput control
5,615,369 Automated detection and correction of uninitialized variables
5,615,263 Dual purpose security architecture with protected internal operating system
5,603,051 Input/output processor with a local memory providing shared resources for a plurality of input/output interfaces on an I/O bus
5,603,004 Method for decreasing time penalty resulting from a cache miss in a multi-level cache system
5,602,997 Customizable program control interface for a computer system
5,598,446 Clock extraction of a clock signal using rising and falling edges of a received transmission signal
5,598,406 High speed data transfer over twisted pair cabling
5,597,668 Patterned filled photo mask generation for integrated circuit manufacturing
5,594,673 Method and apparatus for displaying menu options for selection with a minimum of key stroke
5,587,665 Testing hot carrier induced degradation to fall and rise time of CMOS inverter circuits
5,586,297 Partial cache line write transactions in a computing system with a write back cache
5,583,894 Slip buffer for synchronizing data transfer between two devices
5,583,872 High speed data transfer over twisted pair cabling
5,577,227 Method for decreasing penalty resulting from a cache miss in multi-level cache system
5,559,715 Timing model and characterization system for logic simulation of integrated circuits which takes into account process, temperature and power supply variations
5,550,836 High speed data transfer over twisted pair cabling
5,548,526 Timing model and characterization system for logic simulation of integrated circuits
5,542,034 Minimizing logic to determine current state in an output encoded finite state machine
5,539,754 Method and circuitry for generating syndrome bits within an error correction and detection circuit
5,537,572 Cache controller and method for dumping contents of a cache directory and cache data random access memory (RAM)
5,535,352 Access hints for input/output address translation mechanisms
5,529,957 Method for blocking contamination and stabilizing chip capacitor during attachment using a tape strip
5,524,216 Coherent transaction ordering in multi-tiered bus system
5,524,211 System for employing select, pause, and identification registers to control communication among plural processors
5,519,709 Two priority fair distribution round robin protocol for a network having cascaded hubs
5,517,048 Pad structure with parasitic MOS transistor for use with semiconductor devices
5,516,707 Large-tilted-angle nitrogen implant into dielectric regions overlaying source/drain regions of a transistor
5,515,522 Coherence index generation for use by an input/output adapter located outside of the processor to detect whether the updated version of data resides within the cache
5,504,346 Insitu detection of tube sagging in semiconductor diffusion furnace using a laser beam that is blocked when tube sags
5,497,484 File menu support for encapsulated applications
5,491,802 Network adapter for inserting pad bytes into packet link headers based on destination service access point fields for efficient memory transfer
5,491,781 Method and apparatus for displaying a graphic image
5,485,624 Co-processor monitoring address generated by host processor to obtain DMA parameters in the unused portion of instructions
5,485,467 Versatile reconfigurable matrix based built-in self-test processor for minimizing fault grading
5,485,396 Symbolic routing guidance for wire networks in VLSI circuits
5,470,775 Method of forming a polysilicon-on-silicide capacitor
5,469,439 Two priority fair distributed round robin protocol for a network having cascaded hubs
5,465,341 Verifiable security circuitry for preventing unauthorized access to programmed read only memory
5,461,579 Extraction method for automated determination of source/drain resistance
5,454,076 Method and apparatus for simultaneously minimizing storage and maximizing total memory bandwidth for a repeating pattern
5,448,710 Dynamically configurable interface cards with variable memory size
5,448,509 Efficient hardware handling of positive and negative overflow resulting from arithmetic operations
5,446,890 System for using subsets of rules applied to a database for updating and generating the rule knowledge base and forecasts of system demand
5,444,404 Scan flip-flop with power saving feature
5,438,571 High speed data transfer over twisted pair cabling
5,430,842 Insertion of network data checksums by a network adapter
5,426,737 Direct memory access for data transfer within an I/O device
5,421,024 Detection of a relative location of a network device using a multicast packet processed only by hubs
5,414,826 System and method for memory management in microcomputer
5,413,969 Differential treatment to selectively avoid silicide formation on ESD I/O transistors in a salicide process
5,412,783 Method for efficient serialized transmission of handshake signal on a digital bus
5,412,591 Schematic compiler for a multi-format high speed multiplier
5,411,906 Method of fabricating auxiliary gate lightly doped drain (AGLDD) structure with dielectric sidewalls
5,410,309 Method and system for communicating data
5,404,549 Method for efficient access of data stored in a nexus table using queue tag indexes in a table portion
5,400,277 Semiconductor on insulator static random access meory cell utilizing polysilicon resistors formed in trenches
5,399,517 Method of routing three layer metal gate arrays using a channel router
5,396,503 Method and system for communicating data
5,396,454 Static random access memory cell utilizing a gated diode load element
5,394,024 Circuit for eliminating off-chip to on-chip clock skew
5,391,518 Method of making a field programmable read only memory (ROM) cell using an amorphous silicon fuse with buried contact polysilicon and metal electrodes
5,386,564 Conversion of data and objects across classes in an object management system
5,386,134 Asymmetric electro-static discharge transistors for increased electro-static discharge hardness
5,382,058 Rotatable flange union for use with vacuum systems
5,380,212 Conductive elastomeric interface for a pin grid array
5,377,125 Improved pad ring router
5,375,207 Remote processing of a plurality of commands during a session between a first computer and a host computer
5,359,538 Method for regular placement of data path components in VLSI circuits
5,349,542 Method for sizing widths of power busses in integrated circuits
5,349,536 Method for optimally placing components of a VLSI circuit
5,342,798 Method for selective salicidation of source/drain regions of a transistor
5,340,761 Self-aligned contacts with gate overlapped lightly doped drain (goldd) structure
5,339,270 AC drain voltage charging source for PROM devices
5,327,555 Method for reconciling entries in a plurality of schedules
5,325,377 Visual display signal processing system and method
5,323,044 Bi-directional MOSFET switch
5,321,695 Port arrival identification for computer network packets
5,317,688 Software agent used to provide instruction to a user for a plurality of computer applications
5,316,984 Bright field wafer target
5,309,370 Method for placement of connectors used interconnecting circuit components in an integrated circuit
5,297,138 Determining physical topology across repeaters and bridges in a computer network
5,295,088 Method for predicting capacitance of connection nets on an integrated circuit
5,294,295 Method for moisture sealing integrated circuits using silicon nitride spacer protection of oxide passivation edges
5,293,635 Detection on a network by a mapping application of a relative location of a first device to a second device
5,258,915 System and method for optimum operation assignments in printed circuit board manufacturing
5,280,587 Computer system in which a bus controller varies data transfer rate over a bus based on a value of a subset of address bits and on a stored value
5,274,259 High voltage transistor
5,237,695 Bus contention resolution method for network devices on a computer network having network segments connected by an interconnection medium over an extended distance
5,237,663 Low cost diagnostic/configuration interface
5,233,238 High power buffer with increased current stability
5,266,036 Reduction of radio frequency emissions through terminating geometrically induced transmission lines in computer products
5,229,657 Method and apparatus for controlling simultaneous switching output noise in boundary scan paths
5,218,511 Inter-silicide capacitor
5,211,168 Moving electrode transducer for real time ultrasound imaging for use in medical applications
5,208,759 Method for placement of circuit components in an integrated circuit
5,202,840 Method for partitioning of connected circuit components before placement in one or more integrated circuits
5,196,357 Method of making extended polysilicon self-aligned gate overlapped lightly doped drain structure for submicron transistor
5,193,072 Hidden refresh of a dynamic random access memory
5,187,864 Adaptable topologies used in routing of ground and power networks on integrated circuits
5,185,885 Object database deletion method for child objects when a child may be linked to multiple parent objects
5,181,203 Testable power-on-reset circuit
5,175,848 Method for copying linked data objects with selective copying of children objects and using a link table to record object linkages
5,164,891 Low noise voltage regulator and method using a gated single ended oscillator
5,159,278 State machine architecture providing increased resolution of output timing
5,157,782 System and method for testing computer hardware and software
5,155,832 Method to increase performance in a multi-level cache system by the use of forced cache misses
5,155,828 Computing system with a cache memory and an additional look-aside cache memory
5,151,994 Distributed fair arbitration system using separate grant and request lines for providing access to data communication bus
5,149,987 Provision of circuit reset without a dedicated I/O pin
5,149,244 Apparatus for aligning wafers within a semiconductor wafer cassette
5,148,516 Efficient computer terminal system utilizing a single slave processor
5,146,298 Device which functions as a lateral double-diffused insulated gate field effect transistor or as a bipolar transistor
5,136,180 Variable frequency clock for a computer system
5,134,314 Automatic pin circuitry shutoff for an integrated circuit
5,133,072 Method for improved code generation in reduced instruction set computers
5,132,973 Method of using thermochromic material on security documents and product
5,131,140 Method for evaluating plane splits in printed circuit boards
5,130,981 Three port random access memory in a network bridge
5,126,575 Method and apparatus for broad beam ion implantation
5,122,691 Integrated backplane interconnection architecture
5,117,496 Method for recording and replaying mouse commands by recording the commands and the identities of elements affected by the commands
5,111,408 Digital image documentation system
5,097,430 Method and apparatus for displaying process end point signal based on emission concentration within a processing chamber
5,091,851 Fast multiple-word accesses from a multi-way set-associative cache memory
5,079,695 Object management facility which includes a snapshot facility for providing data transfer between two objects
5,067,107 Continuous computer performance measurement tool that reduces operating system produced performance data for logging into global, process, and workload files
5,065,118 Electronically tuned VHF/UHF matching network
5,056,091 Method for handling errors detected in a computer system
5,051,896 Apparatus and method for nullifying delayed slot instructions in a pipelined computer system
5,051,895 Apparatus and method for tracking and identifying printed circuit assemblies
5,047,697 Dual axis dynamic focus of an electron beam in a display monitor
5,032,920 Ground strap for conductive screen on CRT
5,007,051 Link layer protocol and apparatus for data communication
5,003,505 Touchscreen/keyboard scanner
5,000,225 Low profile, combination throttle/gate valve for a multi-pump chamber
4,992,624 Magnetic shield for visual display terminals
4,991023 Microprocessor controlled universal video monitor
4,956,586 Frequency independent CRT horizontal sweep generator having current feedback and improved pincushion correction circuitry
4,953,084 Method and apparatus using variable ranges to support symbolic debugging of optimized code
4,953,080 Object management facility for maintaining data in a computer system
4,951,009 Tuning method and control system for automatic matching network
4,947,390 Method for data transfer through a bridge to a network requiring source route information
4,947,364 Method in a computing system for performing a multiplication
4,933,938 Group address translation through a network bridge
4,928,239 Cache memory with variable fetch and replacement schemes
4,914,585 Modular complier with a class independent parser and a plurality of class dependent parsers
4,914,582 Cache tag lookaside
4,912,661 Tracking and resampling method and apparatus for monitoring the performance of rotating machines
4,894,022 Solderless surface mount card edge connector
4,890,224 Method and apparatus for fault tolerant communication within a computing system
4,887,011 Computer monitor vertical sweep generator having frequency independent height control and “S” waveform correction
4,885,528 Apparatus which uses a simulated inductor in the measurement of an electrical parameter of a device under test
4,881,906 Method for obtaining electrical interconnect using a solderable mechanical fastener
4,873,703 Synchronizing system
4,868,829 Apparatus useful for correction of single bit errors in the transmission of data
4,864,371 Partially opaque substrate red LED
4,862,390 Method and apparatus for selection of one from a plurality of entries listed on a computer display
4,858,864 Tilt and swivel mechanism
4,845,652 Generic equation solver interface for solving mathematical equations
4,845,316 Strain relieving device in combination with electrical cables
4,843,590 History stack
4,835,346 Method and device for fast data transmission through a standard serial link
4,829,424 Maximal length immediates with fixed sign position
4,821,228 Method and apparatus for computation stack recovery in a calculator
4,806,918 Graphics tablet using a permuted trace ordering scheme
4,794,592 Serial network architecture for user oriented devices
4,779,195 Interrupt system using masking register in processor for selectively establishing device eligibility to interrupt a particular processor
4,777,589 Direct input/output in a virtual memory system
4,774,653 Hybrid hardware/software method and apparatus for virtual memory address translation using primary and secondary translation buffers
4,763,242 Computer providing flexible processor extension, flexible instruction set extension, and implicit emulation for upward software compatibility
4,740,969 Method and apparatus for recovering from hardware faults
4,724,528 Battery charge level monitor in a computer system
4,722,050 Method and apparatus for facilitating instruction processing of a digital computer
4,703,481 Method and apparatus for fault recovery within a computing system
4,703,473 Serial network architecture for user oriented devices
4,703,418 Method and apparatus for performing variable length data read transactions
4,703,251 Testing and calibrating of amplitude insensitive delay lines
4,700,325 Binary tree calculations on monolithic integrated circuits
4,698,784 Syntactic device for chain calculations
4,695,981 Integrated circuit memory cell array using a segmented word line
4,669,281 Cable/computer peripheral lock
4,661,791 Reed switch with high insulation
4,658,225 Amplitude insensitive delay lines in a transversal filter
4,652,835 Gain control bandpass LCR filter with variable bandwidth
4,649,499 Touchscreen two-dimensional emulation of three-dimensional objects
4,647,860 Apparatus for automating standard voltage reference cell intercomparisons
4,638,191 Amplitude insensitive delay line
4,633,308 Amplitude insensitive delay lines in an accoustic imaging system
4,617,604 Method for driving a relay
4,603,301 Amplitude insensitive delay lines in a frequency modulated signal detector
4,600,903 Gain control compensation for bandpass filter with variable bandwidth
4,566,193 Use of an electronic vernier for evaluation of alignment in semiconductor processing
4,563,636 Connection verification between circuit board and circuit tester
4,545,823 Grain boundary confinement in silicon-on-insulator films
4,425,515 Method and means to minimize risetime of a microwave pulse modulated signal from a frequency multiplier circuit

*Almost all of the issued patents listed above were filed and prosecuted exclusively by Doug Weller. The remainder of the cases were originally prepared and filed by Doug Weller, but some or all of the prosecution was handled by another, or were filed by another and some or all of the prosecution was performed by Doug Weller. This is only a partial list assembled in 2009 by Doug Weller. The case files of patent applications belong to clients which can complicate the process of finding patents that were worked on over a 25+ year career. Many of these patents were for Hewlett-Packard Company and their spin-offs such as Agilent, that did not usually list the names of outside Attorneys or Law Firms on their issued patents.